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Disability Claims Recovery, LLC
PO Box 407
302 North Highway Street
Madison, NC 27025
Phone: 336-427-5172 or 336-427-5173
Toll Free: 1-866-427-5175
Fax: 336-427-5162
Disability Claims Recovery, LLC is located on the bottom floor of the Madison Center. Please contact us if you need wheelchair assistance. Elevators are available.
Why Should I use Your Service?
ü20 years of experience.
üCourteous, compassionate, and professional staff.
üGuaranteed call returns.
üProvide personalized services tailored to Individual needs.
ü Evaluate, develop and present your case to Social Security.
üComplete all forms needed for initial and appeals process’.
üPrepare and present cases before Administrative Law Judges and Appeals Council.
üNo Up Front Fees – No Fees Until Your Case is Won!!

What Makes Our Service Different?
We are a privately owned agency that uses our vast knowledge of the Social Security Disability Laws to help our clients navigate through the maze of red tape associated with the disability process. As non-attorney representatives we are held to the same high ethical standards as attorneys.  Our agency has 20 years’ experience representing thousands of clients in 9 states obtain disability benefits. Along with winning your case, our primary objectives are to serve our clients with compassion, dignity and respect.
We have a professional and friendly staff that can assist you as well as plenty of office space that we can discuss your case in privacy. Please contact us or stop by to make an appointment to discuss your needs.
Pearl Joyner-Lee
Owner/Disability Specialist
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